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wine on the keyboard

men vs women

A Man and a Woman at an Antique Mall

by Kay~Kacey on 4/15/2008

So, we dropped in on some antique malls on our way across the state last weekend. We have fun doing that, and frequently plan our travels around antique malls we’d like to browse through.

new teacup

The woman (that’d be me) finds pretty teacups.

light green glass paperweight

She also finds a darling glass paperweight with cute little bubbles in it to add to her glass paperweight collection.

saw tooth thing

The man (SuperGuy) finds this dirty, rusty old thing and gets all excited. He explained, patiently, two times to his beloved wife what it was. She’s not sure, but what she got out of the totally stimulating explanation 🙄 was some kind of saw tooth thingie.

See, yet another difference between men and women, besides the whole what to use for a vase for flowers.

As an aside, I was NOT holding the camera crooked when I took that picture of the glass paperweight. It’s a bit odd. It doesn’t sit straight, it lists to one side. I’ve convinced myself it adds to its charm.

Sometimes I Spy

by Kay~Kacey on 4/14/2008

Yep, I admit it. Sometimes I spy on people. Especially SuperGuy. I mean, why not? He’s cute.


Especially when he’s out working in the backyard. Snap, snap, snap.

caught in the act

Sometimes he is caught in the act!

flowers in glass

Then I get to act all surprised when these show up on my desk! :mrgreen: Gotta love a man who brings you surprises. :love:

As a total aside, and not belittling the act of SuperGuy bringing me flowers…but just a comment on males versus females. He had to dig past half a dozen pretty vases to get to this old Breckenridge glass to put these flowers in… I’m just saying. Men and women are different…