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Is it terribly wrong…

by Kay~Kacey on 1/11/2011

that I sit here…me, the hater of all things winter… and I’m hoping for snow. I want it. I want it RIGHT NOW.

You seeĀ  even though we swore we wouldn’t be spending any money for a bit since we bought The Love Nest…well, I couldn’t resist…

kenko 1.4 teleconverter

Yes, I finally ordered the teleconverter I’d been lusting after wanting. It will make my 70-200 more like a 300mm. I’m going to be right up there on those birds, right?

So now I’m sitting here, patiently waiting for the snow to begin. So I can get photos of the birds in the snow. My favorite bird photos of all. But let’s just keep this as our little secret :secret: okay? There’s no reason to be blabbing to SuperGuy that I broke our no spending agreement, now is there? :angel:

(and we won’t even to go the fact I got the trial of Amazon Prime so I could get the teleconverter overnighted for $3.99) :rofl: