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The Love Nest

My Parents Visit The Love Nest

by Kay~Kacey on 6/29/2011

So my parents came to visit us at The Love Nest. We had a great time. We ate. We explored the city. We ate. My youngest took us exploring the city. We ate. You get the picture.

watching the Cardinals gameMy dad and SuperGuy “watched the Cardinal’s game.” :toofunny:

My mom, The Impish One and I sat outside in gorgeous summer evening weather and watched the fireflies. And solved all the world’s problems.

relaxing outside…though at one point I found out that my MOTHER and my son knew the same drinking game… :nono:  Really, how do I recover from that knowledge?? :rofl:


Who Do You Think Will Win

by Kay~Kacey on 5/9/2011

sun on mantleAs if. SuperGuy found this sun thingie…somewhere. He made this mahogony-ish base for it. It is SO not going in the main living area of the Love Nest. I told him to paint the base teal, and it could go in our beachy guest room. Nope, he can’t paint the base…the wood is too nice… :doh:

Well, it’s not staying here on the mantle. I’m just sayin’  and I don’t want it out in the main area either. I’m planning on winning this argument.

Oh, and yes, there is only one of the boys and his lovely girlfriend on the mantle. If any of the other 4 boys are upset, I plan on changing out the photo regularly, you know, unless one of the boys ticks me off…then they go to the bottom of the stack… Eventually we’re going to get a large photo blown up and put over the mantle. We just haven’t done it yet. Though this silly sun is making me move picking out that photo and getting it blown up and printed way up on my to do list!


It’s All in the Details

by Kay~Kacey on 4/6/2011

I’m having the best time decorating the New Love Nest. Trying for a beachy theme in the extra bedroom & bath.

old blue chair

it started with the old blue chair that I actually bought for a photography prop. I want blues and teals and a light airy feel for the room.

shell vaseFound this cute vase with a shell pattern to it.

bed tables with teal lampFound two of these distressed night tables and this cool teal lamp. Added a Fenton glass ring holder.

Fenton milk glassThe I found this ruffly edged Fenton milk glass bowl/vase. Of course I had to have it! I set it in the window sill in the bathroom. (with the cool glass block window.)

beach picture frame and fenton milk glass bowlI added a cute beach frame with a picture of the first pointing picture that started it all!  :heart: Imagine my surprise when I found the matching milk glass bowl on our recent trip to Quincy.

I just love finding these perfect little pieces while we put the Love Nest together exactly how we want it to be.