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Life in Focus – Courage to Live Life

by Kay~Kacey on 2/4/2011

antique camera and flower black and white

“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”

Yes, I interrupt my whining about winter for a positive quote. I love this quote. How many people find something they love…but don’t have the courage or put the effort into going after it?

My friend, Suzanne McMinn’s very successful Country Living blog, Chickens in the road, is a finalist for the prestigious bloggie awards in the Best Photography on a Blog. She has work SO HARD on her blog…really it’s more a community now than just a blog. She’s had the courage to live her dream. She believed in her dreams. Hop on over there and vote for her, and while you’re at it, take a look at the other finalists in the other categories.

Suzanne, you go, girl!

Dualing Laptops

by Kay~Kacey on 7/14/2009

Look! We are a two laptop family now.
PC and macbook

When SuperGuy’s PC died…a slow and painful death, I may add…I had us all converted over to Macs…or so I thought. Well, it turns out that one of the programs that he needs for work…that is WEB BASED mind you….needs to run on a PC. Only. I was not amused. So we went out and bought him an inexpensive laptop…’cause he only needs it for this one program a couple times a week. But now he’s decided he likes this mobility. He checks email, plays games, orders up netflix movies, surfs the net, reads my blog :love:

As an aside, because I’m so good at those asides…I asked him to step away from the table so I could get this shot…notice he’s deliberately standing in the background so he shows up in the mirror.  :loser:

macbook and PC

You know the stereotype of the old married couple sitting at the dinner table, not talking, and reading their own separate parts of the newspaper?? I hope we don’t turn into this old couple that sits at the dinner table, not talking,  and browsing the web on our separate laptops…

Nah, that wouldn’t happen to us!  :love2:

The Ever Charming Annie

by Kay~Kacey on 7/11/2009

Look!! I got to meet Annie! I told you we were going to meet up. She was exactly who I thought she would be. Funny, warm, empathetic, energetic…just a lovely woman.


Just a quick capture of her by the window in The Love Nest.  (to prove I actually met her!)  Yes, Annie is the only one of you who has ever actually seen The Love Nest!

Now I know why Mental Mama calls her “my Annie.” Well, I think Mental Mama should share Annie with more people. I did my best to convince Annie to move back to the midwest. She should, shouldn’t she?? (Mental Mama, you don’t get to answer that!) Annie talked about the Blog Fest she’s going to next week. Color me jealous. I’m sure we’ll read all about it and see lots of pictures on the various blogs. Oh, and she gave me the names of some new cool blogs to check out! Yay!

It’s really funny, this blogging world. I would never have met Annie if she didn’t blog, and I didn’t blog. It’s just strange how this blogging world can throw people together. It is so much fun to meet an internet friend in real life. To see what they are like. If they are different or the same as their “blogging” personality. Annie is just what I expected.

We met for coffee and breakfast and talked for a couple of hours. Next time she comes to town, I’m thinking we need to meet in the evening and do some drinking of beverages a bit stronger than coffee… :beer:

Anyway, I had to head back to The Love Nest and meet up with SuperGuy. We needed to head back home. SuperGuy has a chore list for the weekend. Last week when all the boys were in town? These things broke…

1) The downstairs toilet. Leak from some gasket. Flooded floor. Ruined floor. Special.

2) Garbage disposal. Leak under sink. Solved by placing bowl there for the time being.

3) Garage door. Will. Not. Open.

4) Two big stains on the front passenger seat of my car. “I didn’t do it.” …repeated by each son… :wallbash:

So, anyway, SuperGuy was anxious to get back home and mow the yard (what is UP with his addiction to lawn mowing??) and get started on his to-do list.

Me? I just headed for a Corona and cheered him on! :mrgreen:

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have time to kick back, relax and just enjoy. I’ll see you on Monday…with the saga of the hunt for the perfect photo…