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The China Cabinet

by Kay~Kacey on 2/7/2013

I interrupt my constant sunrise and sunset photos to show you my newest antiquing find. After looking for over a year, I found this fabulous cabinet to keep some of my food photography props in. I’m seriously in love with it.

antique china cabinet

I had to do some major cleaning up of the wood and glass. Then I used furniture oil on it. Now it looks so pretty.

The wood just intriques me. So pretty. So much grain.
tiger oak cabinet

Now, of course, I spend all my time rearranging the items in the cabinet and on top of the cabinet. I mean, it’s like a full time job 😉

food photography props in antique cabinet

Anyway, I just wanted to share my newest find. Looks so good in my new office!

A Present from Annie

by Kay~Kacey on 9/1/2011

Look what I got from the fabulous Annie? :heart:

milk glass bowl setI heart Annie! A surprise gift! (from one of my favorite Antique Malls, no less!) She was in Columbia visiting family and left these at SuperGuy’s office for me!

milk glass bowls from antique mallAren’t they pretty?? But, guess what?

rose pattern on bottom of milk glass bowlI think I love the bottom of the bowls the most with their pretty flower pattern!!

Thank you so much, Annie! You’re the best! We’ll catch up with each other next time you’re in town!

(As an aside…oh my GOSH! It’s SEPTEMBER!!! Where did August go??–notice a trend with me when the month changes?)

As another aside….could I use any more exclamation points in one post???!!! :rofl:

Mason Jar Love

by Kay~Kacey on 6/21/2011

Continuing on my love of all things Mason Jars…

mason jar center piece

I talked SuperGuy into buying 20– yes twenty– old blue Mason Jars. I’m going to use them for candle holders all scattered around when we have parties in the backyard. I’ve really got a thing going for Mason jars these days… (at least we found the jars for $1 a piece…)

…and look at this cute centerpiece…I got to combine my love of all things milk glass and all things Mason jars! :heart: