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Is it spring yet?

by Kay~Kacey on 2/24/2014

I know, I know…I’m always moaning about winter. I want just a bit of spring. The first crocus. Maybe a daffodil. Something that promises that cold, snow, sleet, and more cold are on their way out.

It’s no wonder I set my books in a small southern town…where it doesn’t snow. Where it stays fairly warm the whole winter.

sunrise over propane tank

I call the above photo..the sunrises over the propane tank…

The propane tank that is really getting hammered this winter and the cost of propane is insane right now. Not enough for me to turn the heat down in the house and be cold, mind you.

winter sunrise

This pale sunrise promises hope…hope that all this will melt and we’ll actually see spring.

winter sunrise

So, while I can fufill my photography needs with photographing the sunrise…from inside my expensively heated house…What I really long for are long photo walks outside. Shooting flowers in bloom and plotting my next story.

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Yet More Icy Life

by Kay~Kacey on 2/7/2014

More snow. More winter. But SuperGuy is having a great time.

plowing snow

He’s been busy plowing the driveway. The street. Anything with snow on it!

plowing snow

His truck got frozen in the ice storm. Like an hour to chip it open frozen.

frozen headlight

Since my car can’t make it out of our driveway or gravel road, we then moved my car out and put his truck in the garage.
frozen truck

Half of the garage is full of boxes that we’ve moved over from St. Louis. No place for them in the house until we get the lower level finished this spring. So, only one vehicle in the garage at once. I figure my car will be cleared off and ready to go sometime in the springtime…

frozen dodge ram truck

Yep, I’m so over winter. I just stay inside and write or take photos.

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The Ice Storm

by Kay~Kacey on 2/3/2014

Pretty tired of winter. I know, you hear me say that each winter. But this one has been so cold. So much snow. So much ice. Two more snow storms predicted this week. I’m so over winter.

But, of course, ice won’t stop me from going out and taking photos. Never! Pretty sure this first one is my favorite.

ice storm

Now, on this next one–what’s up with the berries in the dead of winter?

frozen berries

The grass was completely frozen. I considered hauling the hose out and making a skating rink…not sure SuperGuy would have approved.

frozen grass

Ice hanging from our outdoor table.

Ice on table

A frozen thistle–I thought that was kind of pretty, in a winter cold sort of way

frozen thistle

Of course, it’s hardly a post without a puppy photo. Murphy went out in the ice to retrieve is ball.

cavalier puppy in the ice storm

Stay warm and safe, my friends.

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