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dyi farmhouse table

The Farmhouse Table

by Kay~Kacey on 9/24/2012

So SuperGuy made me a custom made farmhouse table that will perfectly fit in our new breakfast nook. The one with the pretty windowseats!

kitchen window seat

Love, love the window seat with the beadboard. Just love it. Anyway, SuperGuy made me this farmhouse table just for that space.

pine farmhouse table

It’s pretty, too, isn’t it? He made it out of pine because I’m going to paint it. See the pretty tapered legs he made?

finished farmhouse table

It turned out so nice! Oh, in case you were under the impression that he ever cleaned up his messy garage? Let me¬†dissuade¬†you of that silly notion! (oh, my gosh, that link to the messy garage post…it was from 2008, just saying….)

handmade farmhouse table

Sorry, got a bit distracted there for a moment. I have heard rumors that his woodworking junk stuff things are headed to the new place, so I’ll actually, you know, be able to park in the garage. What a concept!

Sorry, distracted again… Anyway, I love the little details on this table. I know that no one will ever see how cute this looks where he put the side supports together. But I just love it. So, of course I took a photo of it to share.

DYI farmhouse table legs

He rounded the edges of the table. Nice little details.

farmhouse table edges

Then we moved the table over to the garage at The Love Nest. It sits here patiently waiting for me to paint it.farmhouse table in garage

But, I admit, I’m scared I’ll mess it up. It’s so pretty… I bought this Annie Sloan paint to paint the table. It’s a similar color to the teal we chose in The Great Teal Debate.

Florence Chalk Paint

Anyone ever use chalk paint? Its supposed to cover anything without priming. I’m hoping a bit of the knot holes and imperfections will still show through. After the teal color, I hope to paint white over it, then distress some areas down to the teal. Wish me luck…