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Business Casual

by Kay~Kacey on 6/28/2005

This has no tie in to writing, unless you want to tie it into what to wear to conference :mrgreen: which is what got me started thinking about this.

Okay, I saw this in our local paper, but found it online here. Business casual is out. Who knew? When I worked my corporate job before my kids, women who wanted to get ahead wore suits. Nice suits. The occasional tailored blazer with slacks when the windchill hit below zero. I loved my suits. (hated panty hose, but that’s beside the point).

Now my college aged son got a summer internship at a company here in the city. They wear suits and ties at the main office. Everyday. Whether they are meeting with people or not. He’s a geeky engineer and works at their big computer center. They wear “business casual” there…which to them is dress slacks and a long sleeve button down shirt…without the tie.

I find this whole trend/ swing back towards more dressed up business attire in the work force fascinating. We were just commenting on how many more suits we saw at our local lunch place. My dh has always worn a shirt and tie to his business…never mind he’s a pediatric dentist and most of the time it’s under a lab coat. When I work his front desk it’s dresses or really nice slacks and a blazer.

I realize some areas of the country will always be more casual than others, but I do find this trend interesting. What are they wearing in your area? Has it gone to more formal business wear?