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Weekends in the Country

by Kay~Kacey on 6/17/2013

Ah, have I mentioned how much I like living in the country? Weekends are, well, fabulous.

white wild flowers

I just might, might, spend a bit of time driving the golf cart around the property and take photos of the wildflowers. So, you in the know…what is this one? So pretty. It looks like it will bloom all the way up the stalk. Here is a close up of it, if that helps.

midwest wildflowers


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, and you know SuperGuy’s rock pile? Well, I sowed wildflower seeds all among the rocks. I thought it would look so pretty. I looked out and he was using roundup to kill the grass and “weeds” in between the rocks…


We planted these cute little Loblolly pines at the beginning of the spring. Like about a million of them. I don’t lie… Then we caged them so the deer wouldn’t feast on them.

loblolly pine

Oh, and more wildflowers in the meadow. These are a light purple in color. So pretty. Any ideas? I must get a Missouri wildflower book…purple wild flowers

I also put stakes by some of the cedars in the meadow so they won’t get run over by SuperGuy somebody in the tractor. Okay, I just might have run into it with the golf cart…


Oh, and SuperGuy has mowed a pathway all around the outside of the meadow so we can water the trees we’ve planted. Such a fun golf cart race track πŸ˜‰

the golf cart path

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’m ready for the next one!

There are Problems with Country Life

by Kay~Kacey on 6/6/2013

There are downsides to country life…like…I went to take these gorgeous photos of flowers Β in our meadow. Loved the single daisy. If wild flowers are called daisies?

single daisy

Then I got this bunch of white flowers growing near our rock pile. Not sure what they are?

white meadow flowers

We also have a few of these brilliantly colored orange poppies.oranage poppies

More daisies in the meadow grass…love the pretty meadow grass…

daisies in meadow


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, yet more daisies in the grass.

daisies in the meadow grass

Okay, only one more photo of the daisies in the meadow. I promise…

flowers in the meadow

Well, here is one of the very pretty meadow grass. I love to watch it sway in the wind. But what about that downside to country life?

meadow grass

Ticks. I am not amused. Two so far for me…one which survived a ride in the clothes washer and was still on my tank top. Not amused. I think SuperGuy has had about 5. Sigh. So far, seriously, that’s the only downside of country living as far as I can tell…

Random Photos of my Days

by Kay~Kacey on 4/29/2013

Hi! I’m hoping that it quits raining and spring comes…we’ve had like, um, one day of spring-ish type weather so far. Of course I ran outside to grab some photos.

Here is the view out my kitchen window. Gorgeous. Almost makes me want to cook πŸ˜‰
view out my kitchen window

Here is one of the half dozen river birches that we’ve planted around the property. They grow quickly. We need that in spots!!
river birch

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, you can see a hawk flying in the sky, framed by the elm branch. We have lots of hawks. I think I need a longer telephoto lens…
daffodils and hawk

Here are some of the pretty blooms on our bradford pear trees. So pretty against the bright blue sky.
bradfor pear tree in bloom

Well, a gratuitous photo of Murphy. Just because he looked so darn cute.
blenheim cavalier puppy

I’m hoping that just real. soon. now. the sun will come out again and we’ll have warm spring weather!