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Hidden Pictures

by Kay~Kacey on 11/20/2008

Remember when your kids were little and they’d do those hidden picture puzzles? A page with things hidden all over it in a drawing and a long list of things to find?

Sometimes photos are like that.

hidden reflection

Sometimes you have to look past the big picture to find the real picture…

reflection in sunglasses

I love the smile on The Adorable Girlfriend’s face. She is obviously having a good time with The Geeky One. I accidentally zoomed way in on this picture when I was trying to do something else…and was surprised to find this hidden reflection in the photo.

I do like a good reflection photo. I should zoom in on my photos more often and see what I find. How about you? Ever surprised by what you find in a photo? Do you zoom and crop and have a totally different photo than you thought you were taking?