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wine on the keyboard


Antique Mall Treasures

by Kay~Kacey on 3/17/2010


Why, yes, it did involve milk glass, why do you ask?? :mrgreen:

Isn’t it beautiful?? It’s kind of a cross between a pie plate and a platter or a serving plate.


It’s my favorite kind of milk glass, Fenton silver crest with the cute little wavy clear glass edges. :love:


I was on the lookout for cute glass containers for flowers. Isn’t this one nice? I love the wavy, twisted glass at the throat of it. (yes, that water needs to be changed…)


And this darling little pitcher thingie. I love the little spout on it and the cute circle handle.


SuperGuy is getting pretty good at finding unusual glass containers for me to use for my flowers. He found this one!

I told you the Pink Elephant had cool stuff! Well, I think I should go bake some cookies to put on that milk glass plate, what do you think??