wine on the keyboard


Things Were a Little Prickly

by Kay~Kacey on 2/12/2009

Things were just bit prickly yesterday…
prickly cactus

Not all my plugins wanted to behave.

desert cactus

Things got really sticky when I could NOT upload images!

cactus in desert

What would my blog be without photos??

Finally, late last night I figure out the image problem. After copious amounts of wine. I had to use a different smilie plugin too.  :shakehead:  👿  :cursin:  (like are you seeing words, not smilies there??) Don’t have that all sorted out for ME to use in the posts, but I think it will work in the comments? Maybe? Make sure to try out the smilies in your comments. Let me know if you find anything broken.

Note to self: never, ever wait this many releases to update your blog. Not fun. (Though now WordPress has some kind of automatic update thingie. Hope that works for future updates!) Everything looks different now in my dashboard too. I don’t deal well with change… I’m slowly figuring it out. I probably need just one more glass of wine…

Think Good Thoughts

by Kay~Kacey on 2/11/2009

I’m updating my WordPress version today. Think good thoughts. I’m sure things will break. Like smilies. And various other things. Be patient. I’ll hopefully have it all sorted out by the end of the day. If you try coming here and I’m gone…well…I’ll be back! :mrgreen:

Besides I have to stay home today and wait for my FREE macro lens rental from Ziplens that I won! Yay. I have to sign for the package, so here I sit at home with a perfectly nice blog in need of an updated version. Once I get the version updated, I’m going to move on to switching to a new theme. But, you know, I can only take so much stress in one day. So I think I’ll stick with just updating to the current version of WordPress.

If it doesn’t go well, I might need a lot of this…

reflection in wine

Man, I love reflections… :love:

Wish me luck.