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wine on the keyboard


I Bet It Would Work Better

by Kay~Kacey on 2/17/2011

Jillian Michaels workout DVD

Yep, I bet her workout would work better if I’d, you know, take it out of the cellophane wrapper…

(expanding on my Zumba…which is killing my knees…)

My friend, Michelle Willingham has started on the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and says she’s so sore she can hardly move…which isn’t exactly motivating me to open the DVD and get started on it…

In other news…it was sunny yesterday. I sat outside in the sun for 30 minutes. So nice. Granted I had on a heavy long sleeved shirt, but I still really enjoyed it!

Resolutions and Other Lies

by Kay~Kacey on 1/7/2011

Ah, yes. New Year’s resolutions. I really don’t like them. I write goals. I plan. But I don’t really buy into the whole resolution thing. That said…

Zumba resolution for the New Year

Have you Zumba’d? Tell me it’s fun. Tell me it’s an exercise that will keep my tiny as a gnat attention span when it comes to exercising. Or, lie to me if you’d like. That’s okay too! (notice the DVDs aren’t opened yet…)

I’m a Walker

by Kay~Kacey on 9/26/2008

I know there are those of you who hit the gym or do yoga or swim or do whatever exercise it is that you do. Me? I’m a walker. I love to take walks. It’s so stress relieving. Though I freely admit, I’m a fair weather walker. 90 degrees with 98% humidity at 7 am? I’m so not walking. Snowy with a blustery wind? I’m so not walking.

I. Am. A. Wuss.

But we’ll ignore that for now. I walk the same walk every time. Down our big hill, then right on the cross street and up that street until….

Statue on wall

I get to this statue of this little girl sitting on the wall. Isn’t she adorable??? I HAVE to walk as far as this little girl, and I HAVE to turn around. Right. There. Then I head back home. Takes me about 30 minutes give or take. I’m not a power walker or anything!! I keep thinking I’ll get in the car and go to one of the parks to walk…but it’s so easy to just walk out the door and head out. I’m much more likely to walk if there isn’t much effort in getting ready to go.

As an aside (there’s always one, right?) I took this photo with my iPhone. I was thinking “darn, I wish I had brought my camera!” Then I thought “doggoneit woman, your iPhone is in your pocket!!”

I walk the same route because if I go to the bottom of our big hill and take a left instead of a right? There’s a big dog that scare the *!!#$ out of me. :mad2: If I would continue straight…there’s a huge hill to climb up. I’m not CRAZY you know! :crazy2:

I usually take my iPod and listen to podcasts, or music. I have some “nature sounds” music I like to listen to, or Brain Sync recordings. Oh, Brainsync recordings are another whole post in and of themselves. Later on that.

So I’m a fair weather walker, we’ve already determined that. I also get strangely annoyed when people are out mowing their yards when I’m walking. It disturbs my peace. 🙄 I KNOW. I’m so weird. But I like my time walking. I let my mind wander. I breathe fresh air. I enjoy a bit of sunshine. I look at the flowers, the trees, the birds. I think and sort through things. Which is why I guess I like walking so much as a form of exercise. The mental wandering as much as the feet wandering. It probably sounds boring to some of you to take the same walk in the same neighborhood, but I find it strangely comforting to take the same pathway. I think it lets my mind wander more. Okay, so we’ve all pretty much come up with the same assumption. Kacey is strange. I can live with that! 😎

How about you? What’s your exercise of choice?