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Matching Jewelry

by Kay~Kacey on 10/8/2009

No, I’m not talking about matching jewelry as in ring matches bracelet-matches earrings. I’m talking about…have you ever bought jewelry to specifically match your favorite sweater?? :crazy:

Yes, just a tad weird, but when have I ever been accused of being normal?? (This is where someone admits they’ve done it too…matched jewelry to some favorite piece of clothing. Go on, you’ll feel better if you confess…)

So a few years ago we were in Estes Park (cute silver jewelry stores there, by the way), and I just had to have this ring to match my sweater. Okay, and the bracelet too. I was wearing it tonight, and asked SuperGuy to take a photo of it with me in my matching sweater…


Why, yes, he WAS more interested in making sure his new truck was in focus than my ring… :wallbash:


Ah, there, that’s better…see how my jewelry matches my favorite sweater? (which, as a total aside…why is my favorite sweater coral colored when my favorite color is PINK??) Well, I have that problem with my tshirts too, if you remember–they are all coral colored…

But I digress….


I really should let him borrow my camera, or at least my macro, shouldn’t it? Ah, well. I do love this jewelry he bought me to match my favorite sweater. :love:

But next time I might just set up the tripod when I need a pic of myself…

You won’t believe what he wants October’s photo of the month theme to be… more tomorrow.

Wedding Rings

by Kay~Kacey on 7/10/2008

wedding rings

I love this photograph.

I love this man.

I love these rings. So simple. White gold because I’m a silver jewelry type girl. As SuperGuy knows if he screws up. (#5 on my list of why I’m nuts about SuperGuy)

SuperGuy’s ring is scuffed up because he rarely takes it off…and he does a lot of yard work and woodworking with it on. I love how his looks. Worn. Comfortable. Mine is more shiny, but that’s because I’m such a delicate woman :rofl: (and, yes, this picture was taken by the swiped borrowed carefully checked out before given to my son macro lens, why do you ask??)

So what does your wedding ring look like? Do you wear one? Does your spouse? Anyone want to post a picture of their ring on their blog? If so, add a link here in the comments.