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Full Circle

by Kay~Kacey on 10/27/2008

Speaking of the stages of the apartment… and decorating around a much loved object…I basically decorated the apartment around this wonderful mahogany gate leg table. I had been wanting a gate leg table for a long time. A few years ago I saw one I really liked at an antique mall in Columbia when I was there visiting the boys. Long before SuperGuy worked over there. But I didn’t buy it… Then they closed the antique mall. 🙁 Later, we found out they had opened a new antique mall and it had some of the same booths as the old mall. People had transferred their stuff over.

So about a year ago we went to the new antique mall. I saw my gate leg table again!

table in need of repair

This time I didn’t hesitate to buy it. It needed some work but, of course, that’s what I have SuperGuy for! 😆

drop leaf table

So he refinished the table. He’s handy like that!

antique table

We didn’t really have a good place for in our house though. I had it tucked under the dining room window…but we had to move it out anytime we had everyone over and extended the dining room table full size.

So over it came with us. Back to Columbia where it started. To The Love Nest. (The table actually looks the deep shades of the above photo. In the photo below at the apartment I had to use the flash because it was dark when I took the picture) The legs swing out to hold the drop leaf sides, but it folds up to make a nice sized table for lamp, and we can open it up for more table space when we have the gaggles of males over to feed them. Yes, that’s part of the reason I like the dinette table we bought too. It has the mahogany edging on it so it ties into this table. Now we have lots of seating for feeding hungry males.

gate leg table

I heart this table. :love: A. Lot. Don’t you?

Okay, I’m going to stop writing about decorating for awhile. At least until I have something special to show you guys. Or until I just want to go on and on again about The Love Nest. I do have other things going on in my life besides just decorating The Love Nest you know… see tomorrow’s post…


In Need of a New Bed

by Kay~Kacey on 5/20/2008

So, we’re in need of a new bed. Well, not the bed, but the mattress and box springs. Wow, those suckers are expensive, aren’t they?

new bed

It needs to be a queen size, of course, because I have the softest sheets in the world in queen size. In this lovely lavender color. Well, and SuperGuy made me this headboard. Which I love and adore. :love: I love it when he makes things for me.

headboard detail

Isn’t the detail on the corners cool?? I love it when he does the router detailing on the furniture he makes.

Anyway, back to the new mattress. SuperGuy’s brother-in-law has a sleep number bed. Loves it. We went and looked at them. Just can’t decide. Any of you have one of those? (Isn’t blogging interesting? Where else can you discuss your bed with a bunch of people you’ve never met in person…)

As an aside, anyone using Internet Explorer 7 to access my site and having problems? Windows XP and IE7? I have a friend who can’t get to my blog, and that’s what she has.


The Really Cool Wooden Bench

by Kay~Kacey on 4/8/2008

Yes, it’s time for another Made for Kacey post. SuperGuy is the BEST. He made me this bench. (actually I’m sucking up to him now and trying to side track him. :secret: I didn’t get any pics of the finches after all the hoopla yesterday with the big bird feeder move…which DID finally get moved…)


Isn’t it pretty? Well, he actually made it twice. See, he rescued it from the trash that some neighbor left out. Yes, don’t tell anyone. We’ve been known to raid the trash for things we think might be treasures. So he sprayed the ends of it blue (so it would look pretty on my back deck where I have bright colored chairs) and he put new boards on it. Well, that lasted about a year. Then you’d get splinters in your butt if you sat on it with shorts on. Not nice. Well, and it sagged. Just a bit.

bench detailmore bench detail

Not to be defeated, SuperGuy redid it with shorter slats, rounded the edges of the slats, found some new super duper keep the wood smooth and shiny stuff to put on the wood. I love and adore the curls in the iron on the ends of this bench. :love:

bench in the snow

It survived the winter nicely, didn’t it? I guess the new super duper shiny wood protector stuff is SuperGuy’s new best friend.


Kate, at Chronicles of a Country Girl is the winner of the March Photo of the Month contest with her crocus photo. It was gorgeous. We had some great entries, didn’t we? Kate will now have all the fame, fortune, and honor that that winning this contest bestows!! :mrgreen: Congrats, Kate. It was a fantastic shot!

I’ll be doing the contest again for April, so start picking our your favorite photo for April. Yes, I’ll remind you again towards the end of the month!