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Spunky Survivors

by Kay~Kacey on 9/10/2010

Hey!! Look what I found. No, not the flower…this post. I wrote it over a month ago and saved as a draft instead of posting it… :mad2:

So…here it is!

Remember when I talked about the spunky survivors I painstakingly moved from a discarded planter. The portulaca was from TWO summers ago. Have no idea why it decided to come up again THIS summer. Well…


Pretty right? Well…right after I took this photo. That darn woodchuck found our upper garden and cleaned it out of petunias and portulaca. :mad2: So. Not. Amused. Well, at least I got this one photo of one bloom. Sigh. I haven’t SEEN the silly woodchuck in a few days..but I know he’s still around. Sigh.

A Sucker for Survivors

by Kay~Kacey on 6/30/2010

I am such a sucker for survivors. Like this pretty cracked milk glass piece…with its tiny crack.


Like these tiny portulaca plants and petunias. They are annuals here in the midwest. But they determinedly¬† sprouted up this year. The weird thing? The portulaca were from TWO summers ago!!¬† In a hanging planter on the balcony rail that I wanted SuperGuy to tear down and get rid of. But I couldn’t stand to lose these spunky plants. So I dug them up and put them in a few pots in the backyard. Didn’t really think they’d make it.


But look! they are going to bloom! Wonder if they’ll come back again next year? I guess they didn’t read the gardening book on how they are annuals in our climate. Will get pretty macro shots of the blooms soon. :love:

Drop by tomorrow, I’ll actually have some photos of ME at the wedding. Who knew?? :rofl: