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March Photo of the Month Reminder

by Kay~Kacey on 3/30/2008

Okay, now is the time! Don’t forget to send me links to your favorite photo of the month. A photo you took this month. I’ll upload them here at the beginning of April. And we’re having a poll this month! Everyone can vote for their favorite photo. (oh the pressure!! 😯 ) If you’re new to the blog, here are last month’s Photos of the Month.

Use my contact form to send me the link to your photo or blog post that contains the photo. Just like last month, I’ll do no editing to your photos, except if I have to size it down to fit on the blog post. Bonus points if you title your photo!!

So send me those photos!

scott kelby photoshop book As an aside, for you photography buffs, Borders has this pricey $$ Scott Kelby Photoshop CS3 book on sale for 30% off. I treated myself to it. :mrgreen: They also had a lot of other computer/digital photography books for 30% off. Check it out if you have a Borders near you, or check out their website. Always willing to enable another photographer to to waste spend time post processing photos in photoshop! 🙂

Okay, I’m waiting for those photos! Don’t procrastinate! Stop and do it now. You know you want to get in on the fun! I’ll get the post of with them up during the first few days of April.

ellen b March 31, 2008 at 10:57 am

Here’s my favorite March Photo. The link goes straight to it. I’ve never participated before but this looks like fun. Have a great day Kacey.

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