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wine on the keyboard

empty nest

Motherly Musings…why is it

by Kay~Kacey on 11/2/2010

that silly holidays like Halloween make me miss my boys like crazy?


I never even really liked Halloween when they were growing up. The drama and trauma of picking their costumes. Changing their minds. A Ninja. Batman. No, a Ninja. A ghost. No Batman. :mad2:  Staying up way too late, with too much sugar…but darn it all, they were SO excited about it!! Every year! Candy, costumes, trick or treating!

Our neighborhood gets only a tiny handful of trick or treaters now…not the mobs and mobs that roamed the neighborhood when my boys were growing up.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to turn back the clock and have a bit of a do over. (okay, maybe not their middle school/high school years…). This being a mom thing is strange. You have kids and they are your whole life. Their schedules are your schedules. Their pain is yours. Their triumphs are yours. (well, I guess I still feel that way about those last two.)

It seems they grow up in a blink of an eye. Where did it go? The falling asleep on your shoulder in the dead weight sleep of a child? The legos? The “guys” (Ninja Turtles). The silly cartoon movies. Packing lunches. Buying constant pairs of  jeans to replace the endless stream of ripped out knees. Sports. Endless rounds of practice and games in every variety of sports imaginable.

Yes, even the drama/trauma of choosing Halloween costumes. I miss it. There. I said it. While I love and adore this stage of life with grown up boys–such fun–there is a part of me that wishes for the quiet middle of the night feeding when all the world is silent. The small hand in yours when they skip along beside you. Their arms wrapped tight around your neck in a hug.

Sigh. Why is it that Halloween makes me miss my boys like crazy?


by Kay~Kacey on 4/29/2010

hyacith-6599Sometimes when I’m all alone in the house…and there are no cell phones dinging with text messages. No video games raging in the background. No slamming front door. No clambering up and down the stairs. No boy noise at all…

It is all just so still and quiet.

Sometimes I miss it so deeply that it takes my breath away. I’m just sayin’.

Can I get a hug? Do any of you feel the same way sometimes?

Signs of the Times

by Kay~Kacey on 8/7/2009

So this caught my eye. This stash of mail in the front hallway. It’s where I put the mail that gets delivered here, but it’s for the boys. They know to check that spot when they come by. The mail sits there waiting for them nestled between the gumball machine that The Geeky One made years and years ago, and the dad reading to his son statute.


Sigh, sometimes it just hits me. The boys no longer live here. Won’t ever live here again. They’ll just be here for visits.

Visits. My boys come home for visits.

Sometimes I enjoy this empty nest gig…and sometimes I really, really don’t like it… Come cheer me up…