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Kitchen Inspiration Piece

by Kay~Kacey on 8/13/2012

Ah, yes. It was time to pick a kitchen inspiration piece for my new kitchen. So, since my red kitchenaid mixer is my inspiration piece in St. Louis…I thought it was only fitting to use a kitchenaid mixer for my inspiration piece at our new home too.

ice blue kitchenaid mixer

Ta da! My ice blue Kitchenaid stand mixer. Don’t you love it??

kitchenaid stand mixer aqua

It varies a bit more green, or a bit more blue depending on the light. So, of course, I’m going to use shades of teal for my accent color in my kitchen. The cabinets are white and the counter is black. This is going to pop so nicely against the black countertop!

teal plates

I already have a lot of teal dishes. I love teal.

teal food photography props

I can’t wait to get more teal/aqua/turquoise dishes and towels and accent pieces for the great room that is right off the kitchen. What fun!

Oh…and I’m not totally sure on this…but I think we’re going to paint my office…which is right off the great room through glass french doors…a deep, dark shade of teal. SuperGuy swears if it’s too much he’ll repaint or put up beadboard partway up the walls in my office if the teal is too intense.

I’ll share paint colors soon and you can either agree with SuperGuy, or shoot him down…

One Way Ticket

by Kay~Kacey on 7/15/2009

So, we have a saying here at our house. Well, actually, it’s a RULE. You can take any furniture, kitchen stuff, old linens and towels, etc from our house TO college…but none of it comes back into our house. So as we decide we don’t want things, they go into the one way ticket pile.

This is The Impish One’s one way ticket pile for his apartment.

Yep, my old kitchen table. I always was going to find some cute red vinyl “diner” chairs to go with it. But all the chairs I found were SO expensive. Then I got over my whole “fifties diner” look in my kitchen anyway. So as you know, we’re in the process of redoing our kitchen.

So a couple of weeks ago, I talked SuperGuy into buying a new kitchen table and chairs.
new kitchen table

Isn’t it cute? It has a butterfly leaf that folds down and rests under the table if we want to make it smaller for when it’s just SuperGuy and I at home.

end chairs at kitchen table

And see the red end chairs? Well, there’s a story in and of itself! So, we found this table we loved…but they only had 3 of the 4 chairs. As if. So SuperGuy spotted these other chairs with the distressed red backs on them. Perfect accent for our kitchen since we have the splashes of red with the yellow. So he said, give us two of the chairs that come with the table, and these two red ones for the ends of the table. The red ones were a lot more $$. They wanted to charge us extra. Well, never negotiate with SuperGuy, ’cause you’ll lose. I’m just saying. He’s like “what are you ever going to do with a table with 3 chairs?” So, eventually they give us the table, two of the chairs that go with it, and these two adorable red end chairs for the on sale price of the whole table set. :love:

SuperGuy rocks! Anway, we go to check out…and they just can’t figure out how to ring up the transaction. Seriously. 30 mintutes and 3 managers later they are still trying to figure it out. Well, the checker rings it up…and the transaction is off by ONE CENT. We tell her we’ll GIVE HER A PENNY. Nope. That won’t work, it has to balance. 15 minutes later, they finally figure out how to balance the transaction so we can go pick up the table and chairs. Amazing, without any influence of alcohol, SuperGuy and I were shockingly calm through this whole thing. We’re still not sure what was up with that. 😉

matching placemats
Not to mention, I had these totally adorable placemats that a good friend of mine had given me that look awesome on my table, don’t they? (you remember her…she’s the friend how gave me that darling black teapot that I then decorated the whole Love Nest kitchen around it!)

I’m really starting to love my kitchen! :love:

Apple Pie

by Kay~Kacey on 6/17/2009

Admit it…


these just make you want to run to your kitchen and bake an apple pie, don’t they? Pies are one of my claims to fame in the kitchen. Bake them from scratch. Darn good at them if I do say so myself.

As a total aside…do you notice the hint of reflection in the silver bowl of my kitchenaid mixer in the background? Yep, I’m out trying to get that perfect reflection shot for this month’s contest too.

As another total aside, I love my camera. This was shot at 6400 iso with my macro on f 3.2. My camera rocks the high iso.

Okay, back to the subject at hand…do you bake pies from scratch? Or what is your kitchen claim to fame? Tell us!