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wine on the keyboard



by Kay~Kacey on 2/14/2011

Love out of scrabble tiles and wedding ring

Forgive me while I get a tad mushy on this Valentine’s Day and have a bit of a public display of affection. There are times, in the quiet of the night when I can’t sleep and my mind is racing, that I wonder what I’ve done in life to be so lucky to have found SuperGuy. Seriously. What karma happenstance let me find this man…or this man find me? I love everything about him. His smile. His eyes. His flannel shirt that he lets me steal all the time. I’ve (almost) grown used to the fact I may never get my van back in the garage with all his woodworking stuff in there. I love sharing my morning coffee with him. I love competing on the crossword puzzle with him.  I even kinda love his truck. 😉

He cooks. He vacuums. He fills up my car with gas. He never forgets an anniversary or birthday. He loves photography too. He jokes me out of my bad moods, knows when to feed me chocolate, and knows when I just need to be held. He likes to go antiquing and has ever so much patience with my milk glass addiction…and my camera lens addiction.

I love you, SuperGuy. You are the best. Best husband. Best friend. Best.

(Why are you looking at me like that??? I did NOT order a new lens! I swear!  :angel: )

Wedding Rings

by Kay~Kacey on 7/10/2008

wedding rings

I love this photograph.

I love this man.

I love these rings. So simple. White gold because I’m a silver jewelry type girl. As SuperGuy knows if he screws up. (#5 on my list of why I’m nuts about SuperGuy)

SuperGuy’s ring is scuffed up because he rarely takes it off…and he does a lot of yard work and woodworking with it on. I love how his looks. Worn. Comfortable. Mine is more shiny, but that’s because I’m such a delicate woman :rofl: (and, yes, this picture was taken by the swiped borrowed carefully checked out before given to my son macro lens, why do you ask??)

So what does your wedding ring look like? Do you wear one? Does your spouse? Anyone want to post a picture of their ring on their blog? If so, add a link here in the comments.

Love is All Around

by Kay~Kacey on 5/1/2008

I saw hearts everywhere today…

redbud leaves

The redbud leaves looked like hearts to me.

lilac leaves

The lilac leaves looked like hearts to me. No, the lilacs didn’t bloom this spring. AGAIN. Why do you ask?? :wallbash:

dogwood flower petal heart

Even the darling dogwood petals look like hearts to me today. I guess I’m just in a hearts and flowers type mood.

In other news. We had LOTS of entries for the Photo of the Month. I’m busy getting that post ready to publish tomorrow. So come back tomorrow and see the photos and vote for your favorite. I know, you guys are just all so excited that you can’t stand it! Right?? Yes, it’s fair to send your blog readers over here to look at the photos and vote in the poll. Heck, send your mom over to vote for your photo! All’s fair in this contest!! May the best woman win. Or man. We’d let men participate if they wanted to. I think. 😉