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Palm Desert

I’m not speaking to him

by Kay~Kacey on 1/20/2009

Well, I’m not speaking to SuperGuy. Really. Look what he did to me!!!

He went out fishing with my father. (Okay, in Palm Desert you wait until the golfers are finished up late afternoon, and you take the golf cart up to the lakes on the greens and fish. I don’t like to fish. So I don’t go.)

mountain reflections

Does he tell me the scenery is so drop dead gorgeous where they fish??

palm desert reflections

Does he tell me it is filled with reflection shots? No. Don’t tell me. Me. Who loves reflection shots and adores reflection shots of all kinds?

palm tree reflections

I might speak to him again in another two hundred years or so. Maybe. Possibly. Yes, he took all these shots. Because, you know, he didn’t tell me about this great hidden reflection secret! Okay, so there were only two seats in the golf cart…so no room for me. But still. I’m thinking I’ll go fishing with Dad next time! I take faint pleasure in one fact. Dad caught fish. SuperGuy didn’t. :rofl:

War of the Roses

by Kay~Kacey on 1/19/2009

You know how SuperGuy and I get very a bit competitive…

yellow rose

… when it comes to photography?

rose in sunlight

… we both try to capture the perfect shot?

peach rose closeup

It appears our competition this time, as it often appears to be, is flowers.

pink rose

Well, we seem to have the War of the Roses going on in Palm Desert. 🙄

pale peach rose

Go ahead and tell me which photo you like best…if you dare. I’m not going to say who shot which photo. Sigh. I do so love going on photo shoots with SuperGuy though. It’s such fun!

My Camera was Stolen!

by Kay~Kacey on 2/29/2008

Not really. But SuperGuy finally weaseled his way behind the lens. Grabbed my our camera right out of my hands. Stole it. Took it. Okay, okay, got his turn.

So he took shots like this:
palm springs flower

And these straight out of the camera shots. No photoshopping, gosh darnitall…

This one is the view from our patio. I know, sucks doesn’t it? 🙄
palm desert mountain view

Here he’s caught a bit of my orange flower obsession…
california flower

Another orange flower…I guess I do have some influence over SuperGuy. Maybe.
Palm Desert Poppy

So I’ve taken thousands of photos and SuperGuy, well, not so many. But his are gorgeous. In focus. Great shots right out of the camera. That does not make me happy. One should always make their wife happy. I think he should go back to woodworking, don’t you? Go ahead and leave a comment telling him to. He so does not get our MY camera tomorrow…. I’m so not amused if I think my photo of the month on my blog is actually one that SuperGuy took…

Last chance for you to send me your photo of the month!