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wine on the keyboard


Pretty Much Over This

by Kay~Kacey on 3/2/2011

suprise winter snow storm

Well, yes, we did get the patio furniture moved outside. (Because, really, how long could we keep it in the family room.) A lot of good that did us.

late winter storm

We had an unexpected, not predicted winter snow again last week over at The Love Nest. Seriously over this.

propane patio heater

We did get a patio heater…which SuperGuy put together…if it ever warms up enough to even use it…

snowy scene

Yep, I’m pretty much over winter. I’m sure you’re tired of me complaining about it. Sigh. I need my first crocus or daffodil to bloom. Then we’ll wait and see if the lilac bush blooms this year.

A few weeks ago

by Kay~Kacey on 2/8/2011

Yep, a few weeks ago you could at least see the ground.

farm in winter landscape

Well, it was still bitterly cold, but not the mounds of snow. I do admit a fondness for photographing some of the desolate barns out in the winter landscape.

barns in the winter

I freely admit to seeking these barns out on our trips across the state. I love photography old barns almost as much as photographing birds. and purple flowers. and milk glass. Well, anyway…

barn and silo in the winterI wish I knew someone who had these neat old barns on their property who would give me permission to do some portrait photo shoots on their land. How cool would that be?

are the birds…

birds in ice storm

Sigh. So. Over. Winter.

Columbia is supposed to get like 20″ and St. Louis? Well, they can’t decide because we’re right on the dividing line of sleet/ice/snow. Highway 70 across the state is closed. Mizzou canceled classes for the second day in a row. Unheard of.

So. Over. Winter.


The. End.