wine on the keyboard


A weekend at home

by Kay~Kacey on 9/20/2008

Finally. A weekend at home. Time to settle in. Nest. Clean up the mess from Ike. SuperGuy and I are on the road a lot. Over in Columbia when he works there. Over in Kansas City taking care of his aunt. On the road visiting our sons. Sometimes it seems like we’re never home for more than a few days. I thought it was appropriate when I looked at the photohunt theme for this week. Road.

I’m so glad I’m not on one this weekend.

Meramec Caverns Barn Roof

While SuperGuy and I enjoy our road trips. Lots of talking time. I’m really looking forward to home time.

driving at the end of the storm

It seems like every time we drive these days it’s through the storms. Don’t you love the way it picked up the turquoise from the reflection strip thingie (technical term for it, I’m sure…) from the top of the front window in my Subaru?

How about you guys? What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting? Or, like me, are you staying in town and glad of it?

Separation Anxiety

by Kay~Kacey on 4/26/2008

A sign just for me!

separation anxiety
Photohunt Unique Signs

‘Cause you know how I am if you get between me and my beverage of choice… :mrgreen:

beverage of choice

another one

Oh wait! There’s another one.

stolen beverage

And the STOLEN bottle!! That’s MINE!! Give. It. Back. No wait, that one’s empty. Give me a new icy cold one.

beverage among the flowers

So I love a glass of wine or a good margarita, but once it’s warm weather? Give me my Corona and my lime.

Have any of you seen that billboard anywhere? This is a crummy shot, through the window, with the car going 70. But SuperGuy wasn’t much enthused about going miles out of the way to drive past it again… Not to mention the minor miracle that I had my camera ready enough to capture this…and actually THOUGHT to snap a picture of it!

What’s your drink of choice in the summertime?

The Power of Superstition

by Kay~Kacey on 4/19/2008

thirteen things on my desk

Thirteen Things on my Desk

PhotoHunt 13

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.” Tennessee Williams

So why is the number 13 considered unlucky? Why do things get designated unlucky or lucky?

black cat

Like a black cat is considered unlucky. I obviously don’t subscribe to that theory!


There is the superstition of breaking a mirror means 7 years bad luck. Let me just say, if anyone breaks THIS mirror that SuperGuy made for me, they’ll have more than 7 years bad luck! They’ll have one ticked off momma. (boys, if you’re reading this…NO BALLS IN THE HOUSE).

But I digress…Anyway, I believe in that Tennessee Williams quote. Luck is what you make it. You have to believe in luck to get luck!

So do you believe in superstitions like these? Kind of but not really? Have some superstitions of your own? Any other bad luck superstitions you can think of?