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shopping finds

Milk Glass Antique Finds

by Kay~Kacey on 11/18/2008

So, you know how we were going antiquing to find bed tables or something to use for a TV stand? Well, instead I found some pieces of milk glass that I just HAD to have.

milk glass buttons and bows

The ruffly one is, I think, a Fenton Glass Buttons and Bows (or maybe Hazel Atlas). I heart it. Lots.

Digressing slightly here… Mary of Little Red House has lots of milk glass that I lust after. Have you seen this milk glass on her blog, or this milk glass in her flickr stream? Lovely.

milk glass basket

Then I had to have this darling milk glass basket to put my jewelry in at night at The Love Nest. Had to have it.

So the story of this milk glass piece…

SuperGuy and I were antiquing and I saw this piece. I liked it and saw it had a crack in it so it was being sold “as is” for $3.50. I felt so sorry for it! I mean, who was going to buy this adorable milk glass basket with a crack in it when there were so many non cracked pieces to be bought? It broke my heart. 😉

cracked milk glass

See the crack? Oh, you can hardly see it? Me neither. Someone did an excellent job of gluing this piece back together.

Anyway, so I mentioned to SuperGuy we should start a “save pile” for the things we find. (at most antique malls they will let you take an item up to the counter and they hold it for you while you continue shopping.) But we wandered on and didn’t pick up the cracked milk glass piece.

At the end of our shopping, I said, “Let’s go back and pick up that cracked milk glass basket.” So we go back and it’s gone! SuperGuy was like “are you SURE this was where it was.” “I’m SURE.” I was strangely upset, but glad that the sad little cracked basket had found a home. Still, I thought it was weird that someone else had nabbed the same piece I wanted in this huge antique mall.

So, SuperGuy goes to buy the stuff while I kind of wander around like I usually do as he checks out…I walk up behind him…and there he is, buying the cracked milk basket to surprise me. I didn’t know whether to smack him or kiss him. 🙄

Now, since I like to use my antiquing finds in unusual ways…I’m using them in the bathroom at The Love Nest.

milk glass in the bathroom

A Man and a Woman at an Antique Mall

by Kay~Kacey on 4/15/2008

So, we dropped in on some antique malls on our way across the state last weekend. We have fun doing that, and frequently plan our travels around antique malls we’d like to browse through.

new teacup

The woman (that’d be me) finds pretty teacups.

light green glass paperweight

She also finds a darling glass paperweight with cute little bubbles in it to add to her glass paperweight collection.

saw tooth thing

The man (SuperGuy) finds this dirty, rusty old thing and gets all excited. He explained, patiently, two times to his beloved wife what it was. She’s not sure, but what she got out of the totally stimulating explanation 🙄 was some kind of saw tooth thingie.

See, yet another difference between men and women, besides the whole what to use for a vase for flowers.

As an aside, I was NOT holding the camera crooked when I took that picture of the glass paperweight. It’s a bit odd. It doesn’t sit straight, it lists to one side. I’ve convinced myself it adds to its charm.

Softest Sheets in the World

by Kay~Kacey on 2/13/2008

Okay, maybe not the softest in the whole wide world, but darn close. And I am a sheet connoisseur. Honest. I like high thread count, all cotton sheets. I’ve paid top dollar for really good sheets. I admit. I hate sleeping on cheap sheets.

So I was visiting my son last week. Stayed at his place. I could not believe how soft the sheets were on the bed. So I asked him where he got them.


So after I picked myself off the floor, I asked him WHEN he got them, because I wanted some. I needed some. He’d gotten them at the beginning of the semester, so off we go to Walmart. Well, as luck would have it. (well, I’m not usually this lucky. Usually they’d be out of Queen size or only have them in baby puke beige or something.) I found them in a lovely pale lavender. See?
soft cotton sheets

Honestly, doesn’t that picture even SHOW how soft these sheets are? And SuperGuy is a secure in his manhood type of guy. He won’t mind the lavendar color. So. No problem with the lovely lavender color.

And because I’m so generous, here is a close up of the label. So you can run out and buy them for yourself. I’m thoughtful that way. At Walmart… 😯
cotton sheet label

But, wait! There’s more. I have a link to them on the Walmart website. Even better yet. Shopping from the comfort of your home! And did I mention they were on clearance? Lovely, soft sheets here.

Really, I take such good care of you guys…

So are you picky about your sheets?